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So..Lori informed me that there are probs with the webshots thingy. I figure that the problem is due to a placed a marker on the albums as "private". So, I'm going to go ahead and make up Kassy's bday, Emmy's, Sarah's and Jess' on there even though 3 haven't happened yet :p You'll get another invite to view those albums. I'm going to put up placeholders for Emmy's, Sarah's and Jess'. Right now I have just a handful of pics from Lori's and Kass' up so far. I'll go ahead and resend the invites. I can always make them public albums if you want easier access. I never changed the pic names due to keeping the original camera-chosen filenames would make it extremely dificult for anyone outside of us to search for. 

Leave a message on here whether or not you want me to keep them private or public!!
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