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OK, I am getting things ready for Jess's birthday (yes, she can read this so watch what you post). I just need to know who will be able to attend next Saturday (the 23rd).
Okay, I got ahold of Kassy but not Emmy yet. Right now we're smack dab middle of remodeling the kitchen counter and cleaning arg..so if someone could call her that'd be nifty. 

I had something else to say but I can't remember it...hmph. 

Oh, bring any extra pillows/blankets you need...well, pillows at least. We have plenty of blankets. Oh, if you have to get dressed for something the next morning feel free to just get ready here!!

Oh, what time is everyone coming?? 8:00...8:30??

These are fucking AWESOME. But expensive...like $8.64 for a 6 pack. They really surprised Dusty and I on how good they really were! Buy some!
Cramps suck...that's all.

Sarah: "I'm not thinking straight."
Lori: "Then think crooked but do it quick."

Sarah: "Yes, I will get alcohol poisoning for you."

Lori: "You blow you do a shot, bitch."

Okay Bunni's...here's the deal. We've gotten pudgy damn it. 

We've all complained about it. 

Do we do anything?

HA! Fuck no! Pass me another slice of pizza!

So, right now we have a weight war...contest. between Lori, me, and Sarah. 

Hunni, Snuggli, and Angri want YOU to join us in our war against dey fat.

Kassy and Jess...I know you have been wanting to shed some pounds. 

So damn it, we're gonna see who's going to be the fucking hottest Bunni at the end of summer!! Who ever wins, gets the name, "Hottibunni". That's the prize kids. 

I want everyone to post their current weight and then their ideal weight (or size of jeans, whichever you like the most). Since I'm so cool, I'll go first...*ahem*

current: 185
ideal: 145

current: 168
ideal: 135

current: 182
ideal: 135

current: 201
ideal: 150

ideal: 160

current: 120
ideal: 131

1. Must be as healthy as possible.
2. We HELP eachother (and not get mad at others' suggestions!)
3. Our ending date will be September 25th. 
4. Don't give up if your weight "plateus"! (or however you spell it)


Sidenote: Emily: Your goal is to try to gain some...by eating all the food we want...heh.

I want all of us to be healthy. We've seen heart problems very recently with my dad, Lori's dad and Jess' mom and Grandpa. We're all genetically wired for health problems, so let's try to nip it in the bud now! I don't want us to have the same issues in life and we're at the age now we're what we do starts counting either against us or for us. Personally, my Dad's surgery was a fucking huge wake-up call and I don't want to see any of us in that condition later on in life. I love you all too much to see something happen that could have been prevented much earlier in life. Love you all!

So..Lori informed me that there are probs with the webshots thingy. I figure that the problem is due to a placed a marker on the albums as "private". So, I'm going to go ahead and make up Kassy's bday, Emmy's, Sarah's and Jess' on there even though 3 haven't happened yet :p You'll get another invite to view those albums. I'm going to put up placeholders for Emmy's, Sarah's and Jess'. Right now I have just a handful of pics from Lori's and Kass' up so far. I'll go ahead and resend the invites. I can always make them public albums if you want easier access. I never changed the pic names due to keeping the original camera-chosen filenames would make it extremely dificult for anyone outside of us to search for. 

Leave a message on here whether or not you want me to keep them private or public!!

OK, I have not been able to get ahold of Emily. I've left messages on lj and on her cell phone...I even called her at home once. If any talks to her, please ask her if the evening of the 16th and all day the 17th will work for her for Kayla's b-day and let me know. Thanks.
Kassy and Emily...I need to talk to you guys and tell you what is going on for Kayla's birthday. The current plans we have involves us needing a whole day and night. So, I need to know everyone's schedules (even you, Kayla). We are planning on doing this at the end of June. Let me know your plans and ideas.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY lambdamagoo!! 
(Yeah, had to do it lj style, heh.)


I'm so glad we will be having a Bunni Bash soon...it seems like we all need it so bad right now!!!
I miss everyone. We need to do a bunnibash before my birthday and another one for my birthday, 'cause I miss everyone. (MY BIRTHDAY: FEB 21) :) Bunnibashes make me happy. I think I could use some time with my good friends right now. I know it's hard for all of us to find time to get together, though. Let's just see what we can do. :)
You all will have new icons by Christmas! :D

Because I'm just like that.

And... I'm not going to tell you what I'm doing for you. >:D
Yeah, it's 12:30 and I JUST got out of the shower. I still have to get some stuff together before I leave and then go to Walmart. I might not be there at 2:00. I will be there, though!
So, when are we meeting and where on Tuesday?
Bunni Bash: TUESDAY

Is this the time everyone can do it? I'll call Kassy and Emily tomorrow to confirm.

Oh, still having it at Cuddli's?

Also, when we DO have it, I need everyone to bring a PLAIN t-shirt, just a run of the mill Wal-Mart Hanes tee. Ya'll know what I'm doing once we get there >:)

ALSO, what should everyone bring as food and are we staying the night?
I think it's exciting that Kassy is coming back! So, it looks like we'll be meeting next week sometime, yeah? :)
So, are we ever going to get together?
Let's throw out some dates...

December 16th, it's on a friday, we can meet at Jess' at like, 8?

Questions, comments, concerns?
Happy belated birthday, Emily. I hope that you have fun tomorrow at your party! So, when will you be able make it to the Rio area so that we can go shopping? I don't really care when we do it. There are very few days that I can't make it. (Wednesdays are looking bad for me, but otherwise, just pick a date). So, what do we want to do and where do we want to go? Do we want to try to watch Harry Potter when we all meet? Let's just try to make plans soon, so that we will actually have a chance of getting together! :)

Jess, I am very happy that your grandma is doing better. I still haven't met Gus. I can't wait to see him.

Kayla, quit being so damn busy and come see me sometime.
Calling the Bunni Brigade!

Here's the deal girls. I can do Friday night, I can even do TONIGHT, if someone just calls and says that we're meeting somewhere and going. I can't do Wednesday because Mum's claimed me for dinner prep on Thursday, and I don't know if we even want to attempt Thursday, it being a holiday and all. I can do Saturday night and I can do Sunday afternoon or the laaaaaaaate show, like the 9 p.m. show or whatever. I can even do Monday, since there are isn't school on the Monday after Turkey day for the kiddies. You girls just let me know WHEN.

BTW, I have no problems with spur-of-the-moment movie-going.

Just... LET ME KNOW.
Emily, when will you be in Rio and how long will you be staying? We could go see the movie on a weekday when you are here. I just don't like the idea of doing the bunni bash without you, since it was supposed to be for your birthday and all. So, what does everyone want to do about the bunni bash, now?
OK, so I got pictures back from the last two bunni bashes. They are pretty darn funny. I was going to send some to you ladies, but my scanner is dead. I'll have to do it at work on Monday. There are a lot of Kayla...I think she took them herself. They are pretty funny, though.
Cuddlibunni, can you post the rest of the bunni quotes from your birthday? I keep telling Kayla how funny we were and I don't think she believes me. :)
Gimme funny bunni quotes. I need some cheering up. You don't have to post them all...I know that'd be a lot of typing. Let me laugh at a few though! :)
I'm thinking that we should meet in a couple weeks, when is good for you guys?
You know you all want it... :D

Memories... ahh, memories...Collapse )

And that is all I have...

Add your own, girls.